Sunday, February 3, 2013

Percussions Section

Percussions Section

A fledgling group of people had just created the Broome County Celtic Kazoos, yet they had no percussion to help keep a steady beat. In 1994 they added a lone drummer, John Montgomery.
Two years later, with the addition of The Duke of Percussion, Duke Fisher, we were able to have a complete percussion section of professional quality. Duke also brought with him the "Street Beat" from the Bainbridge-Guilford High School Marching Blues. Sadly and without warning, Duke disappeared a few years later, a victim of intense domestic tranquility.

But since then, the new lean and mean drum section has not only survived but thrived. We got a Snare Drummer, we got a Bass Drummer, we got a Tri-Tom Player, we got a Bodhran, we got a Cymbal Player, and we got a Bell Babe. We got Rhythm, who could ask for anything more?

If you are interested in joining the percussion sections, e-mail John Montgomery and he will explain to you what is required to be a percussion member.

Our "Rowdy but Excellent" percussion section
John Montgomery - Snare Drum
Craig Wagaman - Bass Drum
Kevin Reilly - Tri-Toms
Lori Bode - Snare Drum
Tom Sedlock - Snare Drum
Marilyn Nejman - Bodhran (Irish drum)
Steve Freer - Base Drum
Tracy Wagaman - Cymbals
Carol Hall - Bell Babe

New Drum heads 2014

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