Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kazoo NEWS

We will keep this page updated with any new KAZOO NEWS!  If you would also like to contact the BC Kazoo Band you may do so by e-mailing the Kazoo Band at 

March 5, 2016 - Binghamton Parade Day - 2015 was another success!!

March 12, 2016 - Syracuse Parade Day, taking names for the bus.  Cost is $25 - a fun time was had by all in 2015!!

Wrap Up Party - April 30, 2016

We will have our annual wrap-up party April 30th.  It will be held at the AOH HALL,  148 Main Street, Binghamton.  Please park across the street in the funeral home parking lot.

Cost is $2 for kazooers who have paid their dues, Guests are $8, also $8 for those kazooers who have not paid dues.

Time is 6:00, dinner will be served (catered by Koban Caterers), and a cash bar will be available.  Music this year is by Donal O'Shaughnessy..

Please RSVP .... ASAP!!!!!  (no later then April 15th)


Photo Gallery

Photo's of past and present years! 
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This years 2013 award!
Dundee New York Parade & Wine Tour 9/7/2013

To see some of the other parades and things we have done check out other ablmus here:

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Percussions Section

Percussions Section

A fledgling group of people had just created the Broome County Celtic Kazoos, yet they had no percussion to help keep a steady beat. In 1994 they added a lone drummer, John Montgomery.
Two years later, with the addition of The Duke of Percussion, Duke Fisher, we were able to have a complete percussion section of professional quality. Duke also brought with him the "Street Beat" from the Bainbridge-Guilford High School Marching Blues. Sadly and without warning, Duke disappeared a few years later, a victim of intense domestic tranquility.

But since then, the new lean and mean drum section has not only survived but thrived. We got a Snare Drummer, we got a Bass Drummer, we got a Tri-Tom Player, we got a Bodhran, we got a Cymbal Player, and we got a Bell Babe. We got Rhythm, who could ask for anything more?

If you are interested in joining the percussion sections, e-mail John Montgomery and he will explain to you what is required to be a percussion member.

Our "Rowdy but Excellent" percussion section
John Montgomery - Snare Drum
Craig Wagaman - Bass Drum
Kevin Reilly - Tri-Toms
Lori Bode - Snare Drum
Tom Sedlock - Snare Drum
Marilyn Nejman - Bodhran (Irish drum)
Steve Freer - Base Drum
Tracy Wagaman - Cymbals
Carol Hall - Bell Babe

New Drum heads 2014

Core Members

Our Core Members

Our core members and what we "affectionately" call each other.
Steve Hess ( a.k.a. High King of The Clan)

Vice President
Tracy Wagaman

Steve Hess (a.k.a. King of the Coffers)

Secretary & Keeper of the Minutes
Marilyn (a.k.a. Baroness of the Blarney)

Marilyn Nejman (a.k.a. E-mail Maven)
Marilyn Nejman (a.k.a. Blogger Maven)

Steve Hess (a.k.a. Baron of the Balloons & Tinker of Tanks)
Brenda Nichols
Pete Nichols (Tinker of Tanks)

Significant Contributors
John Montgomery (a.k.a. Sultan of the Snare)
Craig Wagaman (a.k.a. Lord of the Bass Drums)
Joe Nejman (a.k.a the "watcher" of trinkets)

Retired from the Kazoo Band
Bob and Lynn Wylie (Mr. and Mrs. Leprechaun)

Retired and enjoying Florida life!
Jon Spangenberg (a.k.a. Lord of the Kazoo & Keeper of the Song Sheets)
Mary Ferris (a.k.a. Soother of the Clan)
Linda Cheeseman (a.k.a. Countess of the Chariots)